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Tactical Strategies. Actionable Intelligence. This is GeoStrategies.

GeoStrategies is a strategy development and market intelligence firm that blends years of business experience with the innovation and energy of a new generation. Sort of like the brains of Boston combined with the technology of Silicon Valley. Alongside our team is a cloud-based analytics platform that provides our clients with critical strategic information, on demand.

We provide our clients with accurate, useful, actionable intelligence – the identity of the next emerging market; the knowledge of a customer’s wants and needs; price thresholds; competitor strengths and weaknesses; go-to-market strategies that are clear, understandable…and ultimately, profitable. We’re not as rigid as McKinsey or BCG – which makes us ask just a few more questions, to find just a few more answers. After all, doesn’t good strategy depend on asking the right questions?

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Our method: ask the right questions


The human experience is distinctly relational. It is “who-centered”. Our lives are filled with friends, family, colleagues, neighbors – each having a different role in our lives. Companies are also filled with relationships. Customers, prospects, employees, supply chain, sales channel, and competitors – they all relate to a company in a unique way.

GeoStrategies’ foundational work always starts by answering the critical “who” questions. Who are your customers? Your competitors? Your resellers and suppliers? Who are the cheerleaders within your company, and who are the disengaged and disgruntled?

Successful battlefield advancement always starts here, with a simple “Who?”.


Who did what? This is the next layer of GeoStrategies’ discovery process, often solved with data that already exists, and people who already know.

What does a customer (or prospect) do, want, like, dislike? What are competitors doing or not doing? What do employees, channel and supply chain partners, like or dislike about a company? What do they think of its products and services? What is the next great emerging product or service that the market will demand?

Because they deal with the past, the “what” questions are typically the easiest to answer.

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Because “who” and “what” questions are about things that are external and visible, they are relatively easy to answer. Answering the “why” question is far more difficult. After all, “why”, is the motive behind a person’s actions – and you can’t “see” a motive.

GeoStrategies specializes in answering the “why” questions for our clients. Why are customers purchasing, and prospects not? Why did a competitor discontinue a product line, or a channel partner expand into a new area? Why are certain geographies of the country being avoided by a competitor? Why is a company’s employee turnover rate so high?

EBITDA always suffers when companies guess wrongly at the answers to these critical “why” questions.


After the who, what and why questions are credibly answered, GeoStrategies provides go-to-market support.

With the who question answered we can guide a company where it should go. We can identify where to open manufacturing or distribution centers, retail outlets or service centers. Because we have answered the what and why questions, we can provide answers to the how questions: how to go to market, how to advertise and attract customers, and ultimately how to increase profitability and reduce costs.

“Who” – “what” – “why”, then moving on to “where” – “how”. Our approach is simply this: Ask the right questions, and get the right answers.



I have worked with GeoStrategies for over 15 years and in over five different private equity backed companies.  They have helped me understand market potential, optimize facility locations and helped improve operating efficiencies.  BCG caliber work at an affordable rate and done quickly.

Director – USC Marshall Family Business Program

Ken Ude

GeoStrategies brings real magic to any important project.  Carl and his team provide valuable data and creative research that helps support the strategy your business is developing.  His efforts have worked for me every time to increase value to my customers!

SVP, Marketing – Monrovia Nurseries

Robert Smiland

We have been a client of Geostrategies for 15 years, and utilize their services every time we plan an expansion of our footprint or are looking for insights into a logistics problem. I can highly recommend the Geostrategies team to anyone who is moving into a new market, a new retail location, or needs to understand sales and marketing data in greater detail.

President – Industrial Metal Supply

Eric Steinhauer

Geostrategies is by far one of the best investments we’ve made for our company. Working closely with Carl and his team has provided our company with invaluable market data that clearly helped us strategically position ourselves above the competition. Best of all, they do more than just collect market intelligence, they make solid recommendations on how to apply it!

President – Headwaters Stone

Brent Spann

GeoStrategies provides a great benefit to our clients who are trying to develop a territory definition or understand more about their customers. They are able to translate customer data into a sophisticated market analysis, and help our clients use that information to develop a prioritized targeting plan.  Our clients have found their resources excellent, and they’re very responsive.

Senior Consultant – iFranchise

Cynthia Clarken

GeoStrategies has a refreshing way of making complicated business problems seem so simple. Because of the insights they brought, they’ve helped a number of my clients improve business efficiencies, raise capital and pursue opportunities they would have otherwise missed. Their ability to quickly identify, dissect and understand complex problems makes them an invaluable resource

Principle – The Venture Alliance

Jim Casparie

The GeoStrategies Team takes employee surveys, 360s and market analysis to a whole to level!  Through a very creative method for collecting data they are able to glean information that would normally be over looked.  They provide invaluable strategic guidance based on the findings and deliver them to the organization in a manner that is easy to understand, implement and is results-oriented.

Principal – Lighthouse Consulting

Dana Borowka

We needed to know the “who and where” of our customer base to sell more tickets.  We wanted to know how we could improve fan experience.  GeoStrategies helped double our season ticket holder base, and improve customer service. All of the work was immediately actionable, and generated revenue.  I would not hesitate to hire them again.

CEO – Chicago Fire

Julian Posada

We have been partnering with Carl and his team for close to 15 years. When it comes to our clients, we choose our partners carefully. The professionalism and results that we get from GeoStrategies are second to none.

President & CEO – Merlot Marketing

Debi Hammond

When I have a unique strategic challenge that calls for a creative, data driven or research need, the GeoStrategies Team is where I turn. They’ve always been able to find answers to tough questions.  They are a great mix of big firm knowledge and capabilities combined with the entrepreneurship approach and nimbleness of a boutique firm.

Vice President – Vintage Capital

Tom Webster

Office Evolution has been using GeoStrategies since mid-2012. By examining our historical location performance and the surrounding demographics, they developed a model to help future franchisees select strong locations. They are very professional, flexible, and quick to react to any request that I have made.

President & Founder – Office Evolution

Mark Hemmeter